The Building Is… by Hide&Seek


The Building wants to play along ! Interact in unexpected ways with familiar architecture as The Building Is… transforms the Gaîté lyrique into a giant game extending throughout every floor. A series of embedded physical-action games allows the building to get to know you. In each game you interact with one of the building’s senses : Listening, Smell, Touch, and Sight. Finally, after forming an impression of you through your actions, the building will tell you what sort of Assistant it wants you to be. Your hard work will be rewarded with a physical memento to take home.
Hide&Seek are a game design studio dedicated to inventing new kinds of play, centred around the belief that play – as a theme, a way of being, and design tool – is integral to understanding how culture will develop in the 21ST century. They founded the UK’s first festival of pervasive games in London in 2007, which is now the Hide&Seek Weekender. Every month they run the Sandpit, a game playtesting event, around the UK. Hide&Seek also create social games and playful experiences for clients in the commercial, public and cultural sectors.