New Arcade 

Alongside these Giant Games, Joue le jeu / Play Along presents several Arcade areas, each with a different emphasis and atmosphere. These sections give a taste of the kind of social and creative excitement that now surrounds the design of self-contained, screen-based games. The term “New Arcade” has been coined to describe the recent wave of energy around games presented at electronic music events, art nights, and in dingy hackspaces. On these occasions, games by (and for) artists mingle with quirky auteur experiments; game industry hopefuls rub shoulders with DJs and musicians, electronic artists, and artistic voyeurs. Highly tailored to the public venues in which they are shown, these games are deliberately short and experimental. They encourage fluid movement between play, spectacle, and the social experience uniting the two with.

FLX, by Han Hoogerbrugge (NL) and Sander van der vegte (NL)

In FLX., each player controls a character that is physically connected to three other characters by means of an elastic band. Players are forced to collaborate without any possible means of oral or written communication in order to navigate through a series of linked spaces. FLX was created by multi-media wizard Han Hoogerbrugge of HOTEL and Modern Living fame, in


Fader (Chris Makris)

LBB and OBB (Sparpweed)

Sparpweed is a two-man studio, Richard Boeser, and Roland IJzermans create games with a focus on original gameplay and atmosphere. Games we like to play ourselves. Depending on a project’s needs we team up with other developers, designers, artists etc. Sparpweed stays small and flexible.

Krautscape (Michael Burgdorfer and Mario von Rickenbach)

Krautscape is an action-packed racing game with bird-like flying cars, focused on competitive multiplayer gameplay. Its unique mechanic allows the players to build the track during the race procedurally.