We are building “Meowton: A Whole Town”.

This is a physical town build out of cheap material, electronics, lighting, and computer hardware, just a gigantic fun, interactive sculptural environment taking up the entire 4th floor exhibition space.

The town will, of course, function as a gigantic arcade cabinet experience for cat video games.

Curationally, we were going to break up the towns into some identifiable RPG town locations, like home, grave yard, pizza shop, jail, hospital, forest, cave, post office, and it goes on, and Babycastles will curate a cat video game for each area.   This cat video game will be embedded into the physical experience of Meowton, turning the entire town into an architectural arcade cabinet.  For example,  computer monitors will be built into structural sculptures, and custom individual controls will be embedded in the environment, high score boards.  Some games may be reinterpreted to be social and cooperative, other games will be retain their original player controls , depending on our architectural intuition of the game play experience for inhabitants.

Preliminary ideas for cat video games include:

Town Hall –

Home –

Streets –


Sushi Shop –

Dungeon –

Most often, these are cat video game works of renknown video game artists, including Cat and the Coup by Peter Brinson (who also worked on Night Journey with Bill Viola), and Cat Got Lost by Increpare.  The final curation would be tighter than this list, which is to help illustrate a physical cat games town experience.

Included in this curation will also be a debut of a new game by Babycastles: Me0wtr0n V, a follow-up.

This project is a collaboration between Babycastles, Thu Tran, and Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt.

The Patroller is Present – Brandon Boyer/Venus Patrol

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Espace Jeu video 

Sony Exclusive weeks in the Espace Jeux Video (EJV):

The Espace Jeux Video is a dedicated public space within the Gaîté Lyrique featuring playable videogames—particularly console-based games. We can offer an exclusive display opportunity in this highly visible and well-trafficked area for a maximum of six (6) Sony platform games in the EJV, and are particularly interested in games with spectacular architectural environments, or unique spatial interaction, such as Journey and Uncharted. Playstation Vita games are also welcome – game hardware provided by Sony will be physically secured within the space.

Holder for Board games (Will Robinson)